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Mermaid's Sea Jewels

WELCOME to my Sea Glass Symposium friends!!

Caution:  I am updating my webpage and lost all of my data, luckily I made a back-up.  Stay tuned. Shortly, I hope to have a great website for my mobile customers.

Everything you saw at the show can be customized to fit you and your lifestyle.  Please contact me with any special request.


May you and your family and friends have a fantastic year this 2015!! In the future I will be adding my mosaics to my site. Contact me with any questions. THANKs for Looking!

As I revise my website, please contact me with questions you may have about medical jewelry.  If you like one of the items marked sold, just let me know and we'll work out something for YOU.   I hope you  find a piece that speaks to you, and if you don't see what you love, just send me a note, and we'll make that piece that does make you feel special, along with speaking for you if you can't . 

So what is unique and special about jewelry purchased from us at Mermaid's Sea Jewels,

1) Each gemstone bracelet will be designed just for you.  You pick the piece you like.  We customize it to fit your wrist size, we have your plates engraved with your important information.  If you want to add an extra charm, change the order, we can do that.    Right here in Florida in the USA. 

2) I don't know about you, but I am amazed at hard it is to find products that are made here in America, or at any of the wonderful family of artisians .  I spend a lot of time sourcing and looking for materials that I can believe in, and you can too.  Sure you can buy a piece at almost every store in the country, but do you really know where that was made or what of and who?? Yes, their pricing is good, and if price point is an issue, you might want to look elsewhere.. Though I'd be happy to design something custom for you.


Coming soon:  Brushed titanium medical alert ID cuff bracelet.  For those of you with metal allergies.


History is filled with romantic stories of gemstones believed to hold great power, incredible beauty, superstition, and a wide range of health benefits ...  Stay tuned for more...   

  Thanks for looking.

Mermaid's Sea Jewels specializes in creating custom medical identification jewelry for women with medical conditions/illnesses that require the use of a medical identification bracelet. Don't settle for one of the old fashioned , clunky medical alert bracelets.  Check out Mer's designs. You'll never have to worry that first responders won't have access to your important medical information  in an emergency.

All of our medical alert products bear the official universal emergency alert symbol designed by the American Medical Association and recognized by emergency personnel everywhere.

Turquoise and Moonstone

Although our specialty is medical alert jewelry, each and every piece can be customized, so don't worry if you are not looking for medical jewelry.  Our designer loves to make unique and funky jewelry!!


 Rubies and ruby zosite!

> >

All of our jewelry is handcrafted and designed here in the USA and wrapped in a lovely light blue Kraft box, made from recycled materials, so you can do something good for the environment, along with something good for your health. 


Here are just some of the conditions that benefit from  the use of medical alert jewelry: heart problems, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, pacemakers, medical implants, joint implants, Alzheimers, drug allergies, food allergies, insect bite allergies, autism, hearing loss, lap band surgery, caregiver of someone who needs constant assistance , lymphedema, etc..



Information about our gems is not meant to substitute or replace your doctors instructions or advice. Jewelry containing Swavorski crystals are not meant for children under 14


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